Almeria Province - Bacares


A village with Phoenician and Tarshish origins that was traditionally linked with mining, Bacares is one of the most rustic in the whole of Almeria province.

Among the numerous attractions of this municipality, located in Almanzora, one will find the beautiful countryside which has some great routes on offer to travel either by foot or on horseback.

The Santa Maria church holds the image of Santo Cristo del Bosque on its interior, which, according to tradition, has created miracles. It depicts a sanctuary from the 16th Century which is the final destination of one of the most important pilgrimages of the province and which has a breathtaking coffered ceiling.

In addition to being able to visit the archaeological sites in Bacares, there are also various tourist attractions dating back to Arab times. The wealth of attractions is not complete without the water spring of San Juan and the Calvario.

Arts & Crafts

The arts and crafts activities of this town bring together those who work with straw and those who make hatchways (for boats), some made to order.


There are enough local gastronomic dishes in Bacares to make your own recipe book. Among the most cultural and delicious dishes is the local pumpkin soup, chickpea soup, cod soup, fish broth with noodles, gurullos (pasta) with rabbit and choto with garlic along with a variety of meats. Among the desserts one can find almond pastry, chocolate filled empanadillas and almond oil.


On 14 September, one of the most important pilgrimages of the province is celebrated, a party of great stature in this town and those that surround it. It is due to this that Bacares is well known as a place of pilgrimage.

On 2 February, another pilgrimage is organised where the people eat fried chorizo and fried eggs, known as the Day of Romero. The following weekend, coaches and buses full of people arrive from Cataluña to celebrate the gastronomy of the town. Here they share out a giant paella and cold meats on the Saturday, and stew and meat on the Sunday.


Bacares is situated 76 kilometres from the city of Almeria, from where it is possible to take the A-7 motorway, taking the 453 exit towards Granada. Once you find yourself on the A-92 motorway, continue via the 362 exit towards Bacares. From there, continue along the A-1178 and link onto the AL-405 to arrive at your destination.

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