Almeria Province - Bayarque


The village of Bayarque is an ideal place for those who are searching for peace and quiet and for those who love nature. The countryside that surrounds this Almerian town is especially beautiful and it is here where you can find large vegetable gardens in the meadow and dense woodland where you can find the ‘Pinar de Bayarque'.

The centre of the village stands out due to its tranquility and windy passageways built by the Arabs during the muslim occupation of Spain.

The main attraction in Bayarque is the Church of the Virgin of Rosario, constructed in the 16th Century and later refurbished in 19th Century. Another building of religious heritage is the Chapel of San Antonio de Padua, of which many remains have been conserved. Another example of the glory of this era is the house of Marques de Villena, from the 16th Century.

Arts & Crafts

The handicrafts found in the town are mainly based on work with straw, wood and ceramics, made by amateur craftsman and never for commercial gain.


Regarding the gastronomy of the town, the most typical dishes of Bayarque are the garlic soup, the ‘potaje blanco', special meats, broth made with flour, gachas, lamb's leg stew and Easter pie.


Celebrations and parties in the town start on 2nd February with the day of San Blas and resume on 4th April with the day of San Marcos.

On 13th June the San Antonio of Padua festival is celebrated in the town, but it's in August when the main events occur, including a day dedicated to Nuestra Señora of Rosario, usually occurring around 8th. These are known as summer festivities where there is a theatrical recreation of the Moors and Christians which usually coincides with the weekend. There is, however, a day of celebrations that occurs on 10th October in honor of the same virgin.


Bayarque is situated some 102 kilometres from the city of Almeria from where you can take the A-7 motorway, taking exit number 453 towards Granada. From there, continue along the A-92 following signs for exit number 376 towards Tabernas. Once you´re on the A-349, you have to cross the Olula del Río in order to continue along the A-334. After that, cross over Tíjola and take the AL-405 which will take you to your destination.

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