Almeria Province - Chercos


Proof of the existence of man dating back to prehistoric times lies in the town of Chercos. The first traces of the history of the town that have been found, such as cave paintings, date back to two millenniums before Christ.

More remains from man´s past in this town are the rock engravings found in the big blocks of stone depicting the period of Muslim domination. Due to this, Chercos also has remains from Alcazaba, as well as a castle and a reservoir from the Al-Andalus period.

Those interested in archeology can visit the archaeological sites of ¨El Cerrillo¨ and Cerro del Mojón. The monumental heritage of this town isn´t complete without the parish church of Santa María, built in 16th Century.


Chercos has a grand variety of food, among the dishes on offer you will find soup with cod balls, hornazos, a big selection of cold meats, flour and bread crumbs, rice with rabbit meat, different stews and ´gachas´. However, the local recipes also offer delicious fried doughnuts, sweet fritters and date brownies.


During the second weekend of August Chercos has celebrations in honour of San Lorenzo and during Easter Thursday and Friday a game called ´Los Bolos´ is played throughout the town.


Chercos is located 74 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where you can take the A-7 motorway taking the A-92 towards Granada and continue along the A-92 taking the exit 376 towards Sorbas. From there, continue along the national motorway 340A to link onto the A-349 and continue along the ALP-735 and the ALP-845 which will take you to your destination.

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