Almeria Province - Cóbdar


The town of Códbar is located in the Filabres mountain range, where many cave engravings and paintings have been discovered.

In a place known as the ´Cave of the Castle´, axes of polished stone, ornaments, ceramics and bracelets made from marble have been found. All these pieces are on show at the Archeological Museum of Almería.

The remains of an Arab castle have been preserved along with an old reservoir, dating back to the times of Muslim domination. Other important monuments in the area are the parish Church of Santa María, built in 17th Century, and the Terna de Códbar, an example of architecture from genealogical ownership built in public interest.

Arts & Crafts

The arts & crafts scene in Códbar is practically non-existent, although some older people dedicate their free time to working with ´esparto´.


Gastronomically, in this Almerian town you can enjoy dishes such as migas, stew, egg broth, gurullos, bread soaked in milk (remojón), meatballs, mareá, stewed wheat, special fry up (fritada de sangre) and Easter pie.

For those who enjoy dessert, Códbar will not disappoint with sweets such as doughtnuts filled with liquor, orange doughnuts, almond cakes and suspiros (meringues).


The Patron Saints of the town are San Sebastian and The Virgen de la Piedad. They celebrate their festivities on 20th January and 8th August, respectively. A procession is organized for the San Sebastian celebration and a big dish of food in the main square where they share out doughnuts, the Sunday closest to the day of 20th.


Códbar is located 79 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where you should exit along the Rambla de Belén and continue along the A-7 taking exit number 453 towards Granada. From these, follow the A-92, exiting on number 376 towards Granada and link onto the national road 340A. After this, cross Alcudia de Monteagud and continue along the ALP-735 and the ALP-733, to link onto the Vecinal Chercos road, which will take you to the town.

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