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As well as being one of the most popular ´Sun and Beach´ tourist destinations along the Almerian coast, El Ejido also has an interesting artistic and cultural heritage for visitors to enjoy.

In addition to the beaches, there is something else that attracts nature lovers: The Reserve of Punta Entinas-Sabinar, a complex of dunes, beaches and lagoons which is home to various birds, the majority of them being aquatic. One of the best ways to admire and take in the beauty here is to go hiking via the two signaled paths.


In order to know about the history of El Ejido, there is nothing better than going to the archaeological site of Ciavieja, located on a hill next to the old motorway that leads to the tourist complex of Almerimar. Remains from the Copper Age have been found there and it was here where the Romans founded the city of Murgi, considered the origin of the current town. Other interesting archaeological sites include: the roman of Murgi and the funerary monument of El Daymún, which dates back to the end of 3rd Century and which is found near the motorway of Berja, near the urban centre of El Ejido. In the Archaeological Museum there is a grand collection of the remains of different civilizations that once occupied the land, open to the public for viewing.



El Ejido is part of the Route of Castles of Andalucía thanks to its Guardias Viejas Castle, built in the 18th Century by military forces in order to defend attacks from pirates and which had to be reconstructed in the 19th Century after having been destroyed by the English during the War of Independence. Furthermore, in the urban hub of Balerma there is a fortified tower, built to protect the Coast in 18th Century, which is open to the public eye.

Among the buildings with a bit of character in El Ejido stands the Biblioteca Municipal (library), which contains in its interior a beautiful Roman mosaic that decorates part of its floor.


Taking all areas of El Ejido into account, the most attractive area for tourists is Almerimar, where you will find the best accommodation, restaurants, bars and nightclubs; in addition to the port and golf courses, as well as the most well-equipped beaches: San Miguel Poniente and San Miguel Levante.

Those who prefer to take advantage of the more solitary and quiet beaches will have to visit the Playa de Cerrillos, located inside the Nature Reserve of Punta Entinas-Sabinar, and in order to get a picture-postcard of the Castillo de Guardas Viejas, the best place to do it from is the Playa de Peña del Moro.

Those who are searching for handicrafts in El Ejido will not find much, although there is some straw work to be seen. There is also a celebration of ceramic works that is promoted throughout the town.


Gastronomically, El Ejido provides a wide variety of both national and international delicacies. However if you want to try the most traditional and customary dishes of the land, you have to have the ´migas´, fritadas (fried pork, beef or venison), snails, cream of courgettes and other recipes made with locally grown and delicious vegetables. Among the desserts are gachas with milk and chocolate, fig bread and ´fried milk´.

La Costa, El Ejido - One Michelin Star

Dating from the 1960s, this restaurant in a small town just inland from the Almeria coast, specializes in fabulous fresh fish caught locally, and the vegetables grown in the surrounding area. Chef Jose Alvarez cooks up such delights as millefeuille of El Ejido courgette, liver, boletus and mi-cui, and carpaccio of red prawns from Almeria with olives and extra virgin oil.
Calle Bulevar de El Ejido, 48. El Ejido
Telf.: +34 950 481 777  Map

Golf in El Ejido

Although the village is know for its agricultural activities, there are golfing opportunities at the American Style 27 hole course at the Almerimar Golf Course.


Those who wish to experience the most important traditional festivities and celebrations of this town must attend the Fiestas de San Marcos, on the last weekend of April, and the Feria and Fiestas in honour of San Isidro, patron saint of the town, which last four or five days at the end of June. The Theatre Festival (Festival de Teatro), one of the most prestigious in Spain, is also very interesting and takes place during the months of May and June in the various squares and parks.


El Ejido is situated just 35 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where one can take exit 406 from the A-7.

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