Almeria Province - Fines


The main economic activity in Fines is the growth of wheat, grain and vegetables, as well as marble work.

Many archaeological remains have been found in the town in the Loma de la Estación and in the Rambla de las Arcas which date back to the Bronze Age, including the time of the Romans.

In an area known as Lugar Viejo (the old place) and the Cueva del Castillo (Cave of the Castle) they have found remains of a medieval settlement, as well as an old wall. The monumental heritage of the town is not complete without the parish church of Our Lady of Rosario, a mudejar temple from the 17th Century.

Arts & Crafts

The main handicrafts in the town are all types of objects made from stone and pottery. Also, with no commercial connection, some older people work with straw in their spare time.


Among the gastronomic dishes in Fines is rice with rabbit meat, garlic tortilla, black pudding stew and garlic potatoes.


It is traditional of this town to carry out a procession celebrating The Reunion and the Sunday of Resurrection.

The patronal celebrations take place between the 1st and 3rd of August in honour of Saint Esteban, where a procession is organised. Furthermore, the 10th October is when the ´night of the chestnuts´ takes place.


Fines is located 87 kilometres from Almería, from where you can take the A-7 motorway, taking the 453 exit towards Granada. From there, continue along the A-92 motorway, following exit number 376 towards Sorbas. After this, continue along the national motorway 340A, the A-349 and the A-334, which will take you to your destination.

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