Almeria Province - Líjar


The centre of Líjar doesn´t have any modern buildings and, in some parts of the town, petroglyphs have been discovered, such as the Stone of Herradura.

It is made up of many different small urbanisations, such as the residential area of Huertecita Alta.

There are many religious buildings, like the chapel of the Virgin of Fátima and the parish church, as well as the Square of Peace (La Plaza de la Paz).


The stand-out gastronomic dishes here are the ´migas de harina y pan´ (fried breadcrumbs, often with vegetables), rice with rabbit meat, stew, casserole, ´gachas´, gurullo pasta and a selection of cold meats.


On the 1st January there is a celebration of the ´sanantones´, but it´s at the end of this same month and at the beginning of the next when the celebrations in honour of the patron Saint Blas take place.

On the 5th Mary, a pilgrimage is organised in honour of the Virgin of Fátima and the 8th August is a day dedicated to the tourists.


Líjar is found 80 kilometres from the city of Almería, from where one can take the A-7 motorway, taking the 453 exit towards Granada, continuing along the A-92 and taking the 376 exit towards Sorbas. From there, continue along the A-349 and cross Alcudia de Monteagud in order to, following the ALP-375, arrive at your destination.

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