Almeria Province - Macael


If this almerian town is known for one thing, then it´s for the marble quarries that surround it, from which nowadays, 80% of all Spanish marble is extracted. Substantial monuments such as the Escorial Monastery, the Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada have been constructed with marble from here. It is very common to see marble statues on the pavements, as they also decorated all the streets and squares of Macael with it.

Whoever chooses this town as a destination must visit, in addition to the quarries, the Church of our Lady of Rosario, from which stands the tower, the antique sculptures of Cristo Yacente, especially of the child with the Virgin of Rosario, as well as a valuable oil painting of the ´Purísima Concepción´. The temple, originally of a mudejar style, dates back to the 17th Century. 

Walking around the streets of Macael, you will notice the Cantero Monument, Constitution Square, the neuralgic centre, where you will find stately homes such as the old Town Hall, la Calle Porche, with its slate cover supported by pieces of pine, the porch of Picasso street covered with a canopy, Ejido street porch, the stately home of Don Juan Rubio Ortiz, in Huertos Street, and the two marbles crosses that stand in memory of the craftsmen of the town in the 17th Century: The Cruz de los Mozos, which is in Jarrie street, and the Cross of May (Cruz de Mayo), at the entrance to the town. 

Another stand-out feature of the town is the viewpoint of Rosario the Virgin, located at the top of a small hill and which is accessible via a walk splattered with benches, water springs and sculptures. 


Hotels and accommodation in Macael itself are scarce and hard to find, however the nearby municipalities of Olula del Río, Laroya and Armuña de Almanzora have a selection of hotels, guest houses and hostals to suit visitors needs. 

Arts and Crafts

Those who love arts and crafts will find numerous workshops in the town where they make an endless amount of marble objects.


To taste the most typical delicacies from the Macael gastronomy, one has to have the magnificent hams and cold meats like black pudding, chorizo or longaniza, as well as the migas, fennel and pumpkin soup, fried rabbit with chicken and gachas with fish soup. Also, if you find yourself here in the winter, you must try the local famous drink of the district, la mistela. 


Regarding the calender of events in Macael, the signalled dates marked for celebration are the Carnival, Easter Week, the San Marcos festivities, with their traditional Easter pie, the Crosses and Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Fátima, in the month of May, and the Town Feria, around the 7th October. 


El municipio de Macael se encuentra a unos 80 kilómetros de la ciudad de Almería, desde la que se puede llegar tomando la Autovía del Mediterráneo en dirección a Murcia. Hay que coger la salida 373, para enlazar con la A-349, que nos lleva a nuestro destino.

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