Almeria Province - Oria


In Oria there are many different archaeological remains, left over from a turbulent past, which accompany a varied landscape of green areas and rock forms, which lead the way to the Sierra de las Estancias. From here there are unrivalled, spectacular views of the province of Almería.

The natural environment here is so beautiful that since the Neolithic era, this area has been made a sacred place for those that have chosen to live here. Due to this, many remains of old sanctuaries and mosques can be seen in the surrounding areas. However, the most outstanding archaeological remains are to be found in the El Picacho area.

A visit to the Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia, dating back to the 16th Century, is definitely worth it and it has a great historical archive inside it.

Walking around the streets of the town you will be able to see what could have been the first ever religious temple of the province, the San Gregorio Ostiense church.

You can end your tour around the municipality with a visit to the Workers´ House of Los Cerricos, where the main attraction is the water springs. The water that comes from them comes from the neighbouring mountains, the most important being that of Polaca and La Roca de Oria.

Its natural environment is very varied, rich in vegetation and contains hunting reserves where you can hunt small game or climb up to the top of an antique castle that once was the refuge of the Muslim population.


Accommodation is hard to find in Oria, as it is located in a remote area in the mountains of inland Almería. The nearby municipalities of Albox and Olula del Río do provide places to stay not too far from here. 


Gastronomically, certain products stand out such as the local olive oil, the star product of this village, almonds and cereals.


Regarding the celebrations, the date to remember is the Day of San Marcos where the traditional thing to do is spend the day in the countryside, doing various activities. 

How To Get There

Some 144 kilometres separate Oria and Almería city. You can get there by taking the N-344, then the A-7 towards Macael and finally the A-334 which will take you to your destination.