Almeria Province - Partaloa


This town stands out due to its surroundings and for being an area where the abrupt mountainous and rocky landscape of the Almanzora Valley gives way to a town where the tranquility, the white of the houses and the fruitful vegetation are the main attractions.

In fact, many settlers have come here over many different ages and have left their footprints; from the prehistoric times, the neolithic until the Bronze Age. Due to this, a few archaeological sites have appeared in the Loma de la Estación and the Ramble de las Horcas.

The Church of the Virgen de las Mercedes in one of the stand-out attractions of the town, of a barroque style and declared an oficial Artistic and Historic monument. A building based on blueprints done by the prestigious Ventura Rodríguez and which stayed partially destroyed after various earthquakes.

Furthermore, you will realize that time often stops whilst walking the streets of this town; its houses are organized in various lines and even have the white characteristic colour of the mountain dwellings.

In its surroundings, as if it was an oasis, you can enjoy the nature of the land; its white clay valleys and natural environment which is perfect for hikers. All in the middle of a rocky landscape that surrounds the Almanzora Valley.


The local gastronomy has many dishes worthy of trying such as the Harvester´s soup, egg broth and gurullos (pasta made with flour, water and oil). For dessert, you can´t miss the orange doughnuts. 


The local celebrations start in June, in honour of San Antonio de Padua. However there are more important festive days, like the fiestas of Cerro Gordo, Las Farras and La Cencerrá.


Located 129 kilometres from Almería city, you can get there by taking the N-344 and link onto the A-7 towards Macael. Then take the A-334 and exit for the A-399 which will take you to your destination.

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