Almería Province - Inland Villages

Abla Abrucena
As well as visiting the important monuments, in Abla visitors can purchase traditional crafts and take interesting trips. More >
Abrucena gives visitors the chance to enjoy the natural environment and a typically Arabic village centre with narrow streets. More >
Antas Bédar
Antas is popular with archaeology enthusiasts, due to the large amount of remains found here from the Bronze Age. More >
Bédar was previously a mining village and visitors can see the cable which ran to the blast furnaces of Garrucha. More >
Chirivel Felix
The symbol of Chirivel is a sculpture of Dionisos that was discovered here and dates from the year 2 A.D. More >
The village centre is crowned by an 11th century Arabic castle, which is the subject of a legend told by residents. More >
Fiñana Huércal Overa
The 13th century mosque turned church in Fiñana has been declared a Historic Monument. More >
Huércal Overa is a popular village with hikers and events are organised each year by the town hall. More >
Las Tres Villas Los Gallardos
Las Tres Villas is ideal for rural tourism and nature lovers. More >
Los Gallardos is ideally located between the sea and the mountains. Visitors here should try some of the local dishes, including haggis and fried rabbit.
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Los Millares Lubrín
This site has historic roots dating back to 1800 BC when it is thought to be the location of Spain's first metalworking culture. More >
This village is an ideal destination for rural tourism, and visitors can enjoy walking through the various estates and narrow streets of the centre.
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María Nacimiento
María is located in the Sierra de María-Los Vélez natural park and is another village where visitors can see cave paintings. More >
Nacimiento was once an important producer of dessert grapes. More >
Níjar Pechina
Much of Andalucia's attractive and unusual glazed pottery is made in this small town north east of Almeria. More >
Pechina is located only 11km from Almería city, and is famous for its Balneario with hot springs at 58 degrees. More >
Rioja Santa Fe de Mondújar
The best time to visit Rioja is in October, when the patron saints festivals take place in honour of la Virgen del Rosario. More >
Santa Fe de Mondújar is home to the remains of a Copper Age settlement.
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Vélez Blanco Vélez Rubio
Nestling at the foot of a rocky outcrop, is the small whitewashed village of Vélez Blanco, 6km north of its neighbour, Velez Rubio. More >
The small agricultural town of Vélez Rubio is in a picturesque setting, surrounded by sierras, olive groves and fields of wheat. More >
Viator is only 6km from Almería city. Visit in October for the Fiesta de la Longaniza. More >