Almeria Province - Sierro


This small corner of the Almerian mountain range has many traces and footprints of the past as the features of previous ages lie in the preserved streets of the village. They are so narrow that cars cannot pass, giving way to the ability to breathe air, free from pollution.

The reason as to why these streets are so narrow can be found in the structure of the village, it doesn´t have any more space to grow and so it has done so from above, increasing the height of its houses so much so, that, in some places, the sun never hits the floor.

The origins of the local population can be traced back to the berbers, although their actual name comes from latin and means ´mountain´ (sierra).
In the same area one can find archaeological remains, like the almazara from the Muslim times, along with the antique reservoir dating back to the Moorish occupation, located around the cemetery surrounded by holes that previously served as drains for the rain water.

Things to See

One of the most impressive monuments is the San Sebastián Church, from the 18th Century. A visit to the Nasrid fortess that crowns the village is also recommended, dating from the 10th Century. It´s also worth getting to know the San Isidro chapel, located in the urban hub of the village.

Its natural surroundings demand its visitors to stop and admire, and is also an inviting playground for those who love hiking as they can walk around the neighbouring villages of La Torca, Los Toriles and Piedra Bermeja. There are also enclosed areas for hunting lovers.

Marble is a big feature of the local arts and crafts, just like in the majority of the villages in the Almanzora region.


Accommodation can be found in the nearby municipalities of Armuña de Almanzora and Laroya


The typical local gastronomic dishes are empredado (bean soup) and cod balls. The local produce of almonds and olive oil is also something that one must try. For dessert, the butter cakes and Easter pie stand out as a ´must-try´.


Sierro celebrates its main festivities in January, in honour of San Sebastián and in February are the San Blas celebrations.

How To Get There

Sierro is located 96 kilometres from the city of Almería. From there, take the A-7 towards Granada, then the A-92 and the A-349 until you pass the town of Olula del Río. After passing through Suflí, take the ALP-403 which will take you to Sierra.

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