Almeria Province - Somontín


This small mountainous town forms a natural balcony, known as the Balcón del Almanzora (Balcony of the Almanzora), looking over the whole district of Almanzora, a corner of Almería from where you can enjoy the beauty of the area.

Whilst approaching the town, from quite far off, you can see the striking white color of the houses and the beauty of the monuments that have survived the many civilizations that have passed through it.

Remains from the Roman times have been preserved to this day and are located in the archaeological sites of Cortijo de Carrillo, located 2 kilometres away from the centre of town. Upon arriving in the urban hub of the town, you are greeted with many ways of continuing to enjoy the beauty of Somontín. The Santa de María Church is built over an old mosque and has managed to resist the many occupations that time has brought.

There are various corners of the town that are full of charm, like the Plaza del Santo, in the centre of town and the location where all the local celebrations take place. Narrow streets with white houses make up this picture-postcard town where Miguel de Cervantes came in the 16th Century as a tax collector in the Hacienda Real in 1594.

Nature lovers will find this a perfect destination to enjoy rural tourism, with hiking routes and tranquil walks throughout the surrounding areas.


Gastronomically, the high quality olive oil cultivated in the big olive plantations stands out as the main product of the town. Dishes such as the ´fritada de purchena´ (made with rabbit, oil and tomatoes) and bean soup are typical of the area. It is also well known for its confectionary, such as the fried doughnuts and sweet fritters.


In terms of celebrations, there are many important dates in the Somontín festive calendar. The patron celebrations fall in January, such as the ´baile de negros´, the build up to the carnivals and the festival of the Moors and Christians. If you visit Somontín on 20 January, you can witness one of the most popular and traditional fiestas, el Paseo de la Rosca.There is also a ´tourist festival´, dedicated above all to the town´s visitors, in August.

How To Get There

Some 95 kilometres seperate Somontín and Almería city, from where you can take the A-7 towards Granada, then the A-349 until arriving at Olula del Río, from where you should take the A-334 to arrive at Somontín.

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