Almeria Province - Urrácal


The town of Urrácal is located near the Almanzora valley and still preserves much of the typical characterizations of the old Arab settlements, such as narrow, steep streets. It is found half-hidden by a ravine, to the south of the Sierra de las Estancias. It also has ideal surroundings and a beautiful environment for those who are lovers of rural tourism.

The town also has special relevance to the Tartessian period, from which an arrowhead dating back to 4th millennium BC and a Tartessian stele from 6th AC have been recovered.

The constitution square is home to other examples of grat architectural relevance, like the parish Church of Santa María, from the 16th Century, or the town hall, built over the old one.

Arts & Crafts

Handicrafts work in the town are scarce, although there are some elderly people who still dedicate themselves, as a hobby, to straw work.


Gastronomically, Urracal is well known for its cold meats, primarily black pudding, chorizo and sausage. Other typical dishes are migas, ´cocido de morcilla´, rice with rabbit meat and garlic tortilla.


Between the 3rd and 4th February, the town celebrates the festivities of San Blas, where a pilgrimage is organised to the countryside with the Saint.
In the first week of August, there are more celebrations in honour of the some patron Saint, but this time for the children of the town who live in other places.

How to Get There

Urrácal is located 94 kilometres from the city of Almeria from where you can take the A-7 taking the 453 exit towards Granada and then, continuing along the A-92, take exit number 376 towards Sorbas. Once you are on the 340A National road, link onto the A-349 and cross Olula del Río to continue along the A-334.

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