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The village centre here is divided in two by the river Almanzora. On one side is the Alfoquía or barrio de la Estación, and on the other, on a hill, the old town. The Cueva del Llano de las Eras is an archaeological site where remains from the Argaric era have been discovered.

The town of Zurgena is home to many remains of human settlements from the Bronze Age, like the Cueva del Llano de las Eras. The main economic activity here is agriculture, despite the fact that it used to be based on the production of raw materials like iron, copper, silver and marble.

The architectural and monumental attraction of this Almerian town is the parish church of San Ramón Nonato.

Visitors can also enjoy the majestic feel of the stone of the country houses, the workers´ houses and the stately homes that make up this lovely town. 


Zurgena does not have much in the way of accommodation. It does have a local guest house (shown below), which provides delightful accommodation at a cheap rate. Not far from Zurrgena are the villages of Arboleas and Albox, which also have accommodation opportunities.

Hostal MarquesadoHostal Marquesado

Located in Zurgena itself, rooms at this guest house offer rustic-style furniture and some of them have wooden beamed ceilings. All rooms include a TV, telephone and a private bathroom. There is also a library and two outdoor terraces.

Arts & Crafts

Despite there not being much in the way of handicrafts in the town of Zurgena, there are some locals who dedicate their lives to embroidery, making regional skirts etc.


The varied gastronomy in Zurgena offers some delicious cold meats, as well as dishes like pumpkin and chickpea soup, fish cakes, fish and noodle soup, rabbit with ´gurullos´ (specially made pasta), corn balls, partridge stew, ´jormigones´ (a dish only found in Zurgena and a few select villages in Almeria) and ´choto al ajillo´. Among the desserts are almond pastries, sweet empanadas and almond cake.


At the end of August Zurgena holds celebrations in honour of the patron Saint Romón Nonato. Additionally, the last Sunday of May is the celebration of Our Lady María Auxiliadora, 16 July in honour of Virgen del Carmen and San Juan, 24 June, the ´fiesta de la breva´ (fig celebration), which consists of hanging a fig off the thumb of the local statue of the saint.


Zurgena is 112 kilometres away from Almería city, from where you can take the A-7 towards Granada, taking exit number 547 towards Macael. From there, continue along the A-334 and link onto the A-1101 motorway which will take you to your destination.

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