Málaga Province - Benarrabá

Village life in Benarraba © Michelle Chaplow
Village life in Benarraba. ( click to enlarge images)


This hidden village can only be approached by car, along its own short but mountainous 3-kilometre road.  To find the turn off, look for Gaucín on the map and the junction to the right is 5 kilometres to the north.  The municipal district was probably much larger as the pueblo was once the site of an important village. As neighbouring villages such as Algatocín have developed and gained independence, they have demanded a hinterland.  Today the municipal district is a thin wedge of land 3 x 8 kilometres in size, stretching from the riverbanks of the Genal to the Guadiaro. The population was 627 in 2008 and remains about the same today 2018.

Although off the beaten track, Benarraba is an interesting village to visit and has a number of bars and small restaurants. The people born in the village are known as Benarrabiches. 


The Patron Saint of Benarraba is San Sebastian and it's celebrated on the 20th of January. The fiesta of La Asuncion is celebrated on the 15th of August and San Miguel is celebrated on the 29th of September each year. There are also a number of modern festivals organised and this village is known locally as being one of the more active or fun villages to enjoy a festival.  More>



There is a comfortable rural hotel in the village called Hotel Banú Rabbah More>


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Follow our suggested walking tour of the village which includes the main things to see. More>


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