Seville Province - El Paraje Natural de los Arenales del Parroso

El Paraje Natural de los Arenales del Parroso

by Saskia Mier

El Paraje Natural de los Arenales del Parroso is located 40km from Seville, west of Villanueva del Río y Minas. The natural park sits in between the Vega del Guadalquivir and the entrance to the Sierra Morena, with the rivers of Arroyo del Parroso and Rivera de Huesna running extensively throughout it.

El Paraje is an ideal location for hiking activities, horse riding, climbing and cycling, amongst many other sports.


The natural park attracts a wide variety of fauna including birds such as partridge, great owls, eagles, vultures, stalks, ducks and wood pigeons, amongst many others. Visitors can also observe hares, deer, wild boar, hedgehogs, mountain cats, wolves, weasels, bats, badgers, otters and fox. One must not forget the reptiles which also call the park home, such as, salamanders, lizards, snakes and vipers. The waters contain many species of fish, including carp, trout and eel.


Although a considerably small natural park, a variety of tree line specifically the Rivera de Huesna, including holm oaks, cork oaks, eucalyptus, palms, pine trees, olives, carob, chestnuts, figs, bay, mulberry and false bananas. All of these vital for providing shade and an excellent climate for many animal species as well as other vegetation.


Take the A-436 west leaving Villanueva del Río y Minas and just after crossing the Rivera de Huesna, there is a track on the right hand side that takes you up into the park. The recreation area of Campo Cantillana is a few meters further on the A-436, on the right hand side.


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