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Seafood tapas from Seville. © Michelle Chaplow
Seafood in Seville.

Seville - Restaurants

Seville is home to some of the best food in Spain. Famous for its tapas, it also has many traditional Spanish restaurants serving the very best of gastronomic dishes and creations. Restaurants in Seville have character and an atmosphere, and the food certainly does not disappoint. Be careful to avoid the tourist areas, as restaurants in these places can be overpriced and of bad quality. Listed below are our personal favourites, located all over the city. Enjoy. 




AbantalAbantal - One Michelin Star

This restaurant is located just outside the historic centre of Seville and offers delightful, innovative gastronomic dishes created by chef Julio Fernández Quintero. Closed during August and Sundays & Mondays. c.c.´s accepted.
Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 540 000. Map

Bodegón Torre del OroBodegón Torre del Oro

Located next to the river, this restaurant serves traditional Spanish cuisine and tapas and has its own interior outdoor terrace. Serves Lunch & Dinner. c.c.'s accepted.
Calle Santander, 15. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 224 985. 


Río GrandeRío Grande

A stunning location on the river Guadalquivir in central Seville, this restaurant serves traditional Andalucian cuisine. A hit with tourists. Lunch & Dinner. c.c's accepted.
Calle Betis. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 273 956. 


Kiosco de las FloresKiosco de las Flores

Located by the river in Seville, this restaurant specializes in seafood and fish dishes. Enjoy a meal with views over the river to the cathedral. Serves lunch & dinner. Closed Sunday evenings & Mondays.
Plaza Altozano Del, s/n. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 274 576. 


© Michelle Chaplow

Casa RoblesCasa Robles

Casa Robles serves traditional Andalucian food. Started in 1954, the restaurant is steeped in history and has maintained its quality throughout the years, winning many awards along the way. Expect good things. 
Alvarez Quintero, 58. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 213 150. Map


Egaña OrizaEgaña Oriza

Lunch & Dinner. Spanish / Basque menu serving seafood and meat dishes of a high quality. A well-decorated restaurant with a lot of class. Closed Sundays & August. c.c.'s accepted.
Calle San Fernando, 4. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 227 254. Map 


La IslaLa Isla

Located in the centre of Seville near the cathedral, La Isla specializes in high quality fish and seafood dishes. 50 years of history. Lunch & Dinner. c.c.'s accepted.
Calle Arfe, 25. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 215 376. 


Jamón RealJamón Real

Established in 1987, this restaurant is located in the heart of the Arenal district of Seville. Lunch & Dinner. Tapas & Specialities from Extramadura. Closed Sundays. Visa & M.Card accepted.
Calle Pastor and Landero, 22. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 563 998. 


© Michelle Chaplow

Mesón Casa LucianoMesón Casa Luciano

This restaurant specializes in juicy and tender charcoal grilled meats. Serves Lunch & Dinner. c.c's accepted.
Calle Paraiso, 3. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 284 600. 


Mesón Don RaimundoMesón Don Raimundo

This restaurant is set in a 17th century converted convent in Santa Cruz area. Lunch & Dinner (12am-4pm/7.30pm-11:30pm). Traditional Andalucían menu. c.c's accepted.
Calle Argote de Molina, 26. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 223 355. 


La MonedaLa Moneda

Specialising in seafood and fried fish, this restaurant has been around since 1991 and is a favourite among Spaniards and Seville locals. One of chef Dani Garcia's favorite restaurants in Seville.
Calle Almirantazgo, 4, El Postigo. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 223 642. 


Restaurante Porta RossaRestaurante Porta Rossa

Receiving great reviews, this Italian restaurant serves a mean t-bone steak and is often called the best Italian restaurant in Seville. Lunch & Dinner. Closed Sunday evenings & Mondays. c.c's accepted.
Calle Pastor y Landero, 20. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 216 139. 


Restaurante San MarcoRestaurante San Marco Santa Cruz

A beautifully decorated restaurant serving the very best of Italian cuisine. Located in central Seville, in an antique arabic baths classified as a BIC (Property of cultural interest). Certificate of excelence 2015. c.c's accepted.
Calle Mesón del Moro, 6. Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 214 390. 


Seville Opera Performance with Optional Dinner

Seville Opera Performance with Optional Dinner

Enjoy a night of classical opera music during a 2.5-hour opera performance in Seville’s historical El Arenal neighborhood.
From 30 Euro.

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