Things to See in Seville

The stunning gold ceiling of the Alcazar ©Sophie Carefull
The stunning gold ceiling of the Alcazar

Things to See in Seville

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With UNESCO classing a complex of three buildings in Seville as a World Heritage Site, it's no wonder that international and Spanish tourists alike flock to the city to see the marks left behind by various predecessors.

From the spectacular Alcazar Palace built under Moorish rule, to the Cathedral with its large gold altarpiece, there are plenty of sights to see in Seville.

Take to the tranquil parks and gardens, hidden among the beautiful buildings, for some fresh air, or let one of the many museums take you on a cultural journey through the history of this fine city.

The Alcazar Palace

This spectacular palace was originally built by Moorish kings and continues to be a world marvel. More >


Seville has several excellent museums representing a wide range of subjects, historical periods and styles. More >

Parks & Gardens

Seville has some of the most beautiful city parks in Europe as well as numerous plazas and open spaces. More >

Art Galleries

With its rich artistic heritage, it's not surprising that Seville has a number of art galleries under the auspices of the city authorities. More >

Barrio (Neighbourhood) Santa Cruz

This is the first barrio (area or neighbourhood) tourists head for, and with good reason. More >

Archivo de Indias

This 16th-century building houses 80 million pages of documents and maps about the Indies. More >

Casa de Pilatos

The palace was given its name for its resemblence to Pontius Pilate's home in Jerusalem. More >


Seville's Cathedral occupies the site of a great mosque built in the late 12th century. More >

City Walls & Gates

The Moors (11th and 12th) were responsible for the 6km-long fortified walls. More >

Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol is the world's largest wooden structure. More >

The Giralda

Originally where a minaret (from where Muslims were called to prayer), the Giralda is one of the most magnificent buildings in Seville and dominates the skyline. More >

Torre del Oro

The Torre del Oro (Golden Tower) is a remnant of the Moorish fortified walls which originally enclosed the city. More >

Convents & Monasteries

Groups of nuns walk down the streets going around their daily business. More >


Seville's parish churches display a fascinating variety of architectural styles. More >

Casa de las Dueñas

Cayetana was happiest in her home in the historic city centre. More >

Tobacco Factory

Most assume they're looking at yet another of Seville’s palaces or grand residences... More >

Caixa Forum

CaixaForum Seville offers a purpose-built venue for contemporary art exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and other events. More >