Sotogrande - Alto

Sotogrande - Alto

Sotogrande Alto is the name given to the half of Sotogrande that is located on the mountain side of the A-7 (formerly N-340) coast road that 'split the resort in two' when this section was constructed in 1969 (see Sotogrande history). This includes the areas around Valderrama Golf Course, Almenara Golf Course and La Reserva Golf Course.

It is accessed from various points along the Carretera de Arenillas, the A-2100 public country road leading off the Km130 exit of the A-7 to Castillar. La Reserva de Sotogrande is to the right (east) as you ascend this road and the Almenara Golf area has a security access on the left. This leads through to the Valderrama Golf area, which can also be accessed by an overbridge from the service road that runs parallel along the coast side of the A-7, west of the same Km130 exit. Naturally, before the A-7 was a dual carriageway, this access into Sotogrande Alto and Sotogrande Costa (then called Sotogrande Baja)  was simple and direct form the N-340 coast road.   

Sotogrande Alto is set on a natural landscape of undulations, and surrounded by mature woodland comprising mainly cork oak. In Sotogrande, sub-areas are not officially defined. Names of housing complexes and landmarks are used as delineations instead, for example:

  • La Reserva
  • Valderrama Golf Club area
  • Casa Cortijo (village of cottages adjacent to the entrance of Valderrama Golf Course)
  • Los Altos de Valderrama
  • Valgrande (large complex opposite Valderrama Golf Club; entrance built in 2005)
  • La Hacienda de Valderrama (six large cubic blocks of two and three bedroom units constructed around  a small  communal swimming pool. Includes underground car parks but no direct access to the golf course)
  • Almenara Golf Club area
  • Sotomar (sector defined by townhouses)
  • Los Cármenes Almenara
  • La Finca (estate of  23 villas near La Cañada golf club)
  • El Casar
  • Sotogolf
  • Zone F
  • Sotogrande Hotel
  • Urb Hoyo 1
  • El Encinar
  • Polo Apartamentos