• JABALCÓN A mountain & viewpoint situated north of Baza beyond Zújar
  • JABALCUZ A mountain situated west of Jaén
  • JABALQUINTO A village located south from Bailén towards Jaén
  • JABATA A mountain situated north east of Aracena
  • JABUGO A small village famed for it's cured ham, located west from Aracena towards Cortegana & near the border with Portugal
  • JABUGUILLO A village located just south east of Aracena
  • JAÉN A town full of history with a cathedral, arab baths and many other monuments. It is also a large producer of olive oil, located north of Granada
  • JAMILENA A village located west of Jaén near Torre del Campo
  • JANDILLA A village located north east of Vejer de la Frontera
  • JÁNDULA A reservoir & river north of Andújar in the Sierra Morena area
  • JANDULILLA A river east of Jódar
  • JARA (LA) Located just west of San Lucar de Barrameda
  • JARAS (LAS) Located north west of Córdoba near the Encantada reservoir
  • JARASTEPAR A mountain situated in the Serranía de Ronda range
  • JARDINES (PUERTO DE LOS) A mountain pass located north of La Carolina
  • JARILLA (LA) Located just north of Seville
  • JAROSA A mountain situated north of Vélez Blanco
  • JATA A village located south east of Huéscar towards Vélez Blanco
  • JÁTAR A village located south east from Alhama de Granada
  • JAU (EL) Located about 14 kms. west from Granada just beyond Santa Fé
  • JAUJA A village located east from Osuna, turn off after Estepa at Km. 113
  • JAUTOR (EL) Located north west from Algeciras towards Alcalá de los Gazules
  • JAVANA (PUNTA) A coastal point located south of Mojácar near the Nijar area of Cabo de Gata
  • JAYENA Located about 50 kms. north west of Almuñécar
  • JÉDULA A village located halfway between Jerez de la Frontera & Arcos de la Frontera
  • JERES DEL MARQUESADO A village located south of Guadix towards the Sierra Nevada region
  • JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA This city is the capital of the sherry industry and is also famed for the school of equestrian art with its amazing dancing horses, located north of Cádiz
  • JETE A village located about 12 kms. north of Almuñécar
  • JIMENA A village located west from Jódar on the road to Mancha Real
  • JIMENA DE LA FRONTERA An interesting mountain village surrounded by cork forests & olive groves, it also has a ruined Moorish castle. Located north from San Roque towards Ubrique
  • JIMERA DE LÍBAR (LA) A small village located north east from Cortes de la Frontera
  • JINETES (LOS) A village located west from Carmona towards Brenes
  • JÓDAR A town located about 50 Kms. east of Jaén
  • JOLÚCAR A village located east from Motril towards Gualchos
  • JORAIRÁTAR One of the pretty villages of the Alpujarras located south from Ugíjar
  • JOSÉ ANTONIO A village located south from Arcos de la Frontera off the A 393 road
  • JOROX A village located 4km to the North of Tolox in the municipality of Alozaina
  • JOYA (LA) A village located north west from Valverde del Camino, turn off at Cabezas Rubias
  • JUAN ANTÓN A village located not far south east of Nerva
  • JUANAR (REFUGIO DE) A beautiful setting in the hills behind Marbella for this hotel & restaurant. Located on the road north from Marbella, turn off after Ojén
  • JUBILEY (PUERTO) A gorge located north east of Motril in the Alpujarras region
  • JUBRIQUE A white mountain village located south east from Cortes de la Frontera near Algatocin
  • JUNQUILLO A mountain situated in the natural park of Andújar north of the town
  • JUNTAS A river beteen Jaén & Granada
  • JURADO A mountain situated south west of Villanueva de Córdoba
  • JURADOS (LOS) Located south east of Utrera towards El Coronil
  • JUREÑA (SIERRA DE) Mountain range north east of Huéscar
  • JUVILES One of the lovely villages of the Alpujarras located south of Trevélez
  • JÚZCAR One of the pretty small white villages in the Serranía de Ronda, south of the town

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