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Boat Pirata de Salvora in Tarifa harbour ©©Turmares
Boat Pirata de Salvora in Tarifa harbour


A wonderful opportunity to get close to whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in the Strait of Gibraltar. This is the area of sea where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet, in the narrow space between the southermost point of Spain, and the African continent.

Because this stretch of water is only 9 miles wide at its narrowest point, the concentration of cetaceans is very high, especially towards the middle. It is about three miles offshore that you find the larger creatures, such as the Fin Whale and Sperm Whale; they are often heading in a westerly direction. The prevailing surface current is easterly, and the cetaceans may be just swimming against the current flow, rather than travelling out of the Strait.

You can see these animals in this area of ocean throughout the year, in their natural habitat. Tour operators offer fun, informative trips for all ages and at reasonable prices, with live commentary to explain the behaviour of these fascinating mammals.

Tours offered

Dolphin and Whale watching
Several times a day we offer a two hour dolphin and whale watching tour.

March  to June:  30 € for adults, 20 € for children, 5 € for infants
July and August: 35 € for adults, 22 € for children, 10 € for infants. 
Septemebr and October:  30 € for adults, 20 € for children, 5 € for infants

Species according to the season

Up to 7 species of cetaceans can be found in the Strait of Gibraltar. There are 4 resident species that live in this area the whole year, these are the common dolphin, the striped dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin and the pilot whale. Other species as the orca, the sperm whale and the fin whale can be seen in this area depending on the season of the year. At least one species is sighted on 95% of the trips, if not Turmares offer you a second excursion free.   On the 'Killer Whales and Dolphins' trip there is a 70% chance of seeing Killer Whales, if not you may have a 30% discount on a second trip and as stated, if no species are seen Turmares offer you a second trip for free. 

All the passengers will receive a "watcher guide" with information about the common whale-and dolphin species in the Strait of Gibraltar. There are also various booklets and posters on board with more detailed information about the cetaceans, birds and the ecosystem of the Strait. On board you will be accompanied by a Biologists Guides and marine science or biology university students. 

Whales and dolphins tour - Tarifa

Whales and dolphins tour - Tarifa Whales and dolphins tour - Tarifa

Sailing from Tarifa, this fascinating experience of sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar, an area declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2006, becomes even more exciting when friendly inhabitants of its waters, whales and dolphins, approach the boats to exhibit themselves and satisfy the curiosity of tourists.Book tour now

Important Information

All trips start from Tumares Tarifa. Passengers should report to Turmares office located at Avenida Alcalde Nuñez, 3 (located just outside the entrance to Tarifa Port) for briefing 30 minutes before the sheduled departure of the trip. 

It is recommended that you bring along a warm and waterproof jacket, sun protection, hat and comfortable shoes as well as medication against seasickness.

Turmares SL has achieved the following Certifications: Environmental and Quality Management (ISO 9.001 and 14.001). Junta de Andalucia Tourism business registration EN/CA/00026, Andalucía Natural Parks Green Label. A copy of the Turmares SL Insurance certifícate is available on request.


JK-Jackelin accomodates up to 160 persons. Colour coded blue below. Ample and comfortable with a salon with underwater glass vision pannel. Facilities include male and female toilets, bar, video screens, pa system, proyector for audio-visual presentations, wheelchair access ramp, covered upped deck with outside seating. 

Pirata de Sálvora accomodates up to 62 persons. Colour coded green below.  The newest whale watching boats operating in the strait, a smaller craft that is ideal when the sea conditions are stronger. This is a fast boat suited for finding the Orcas which are often located a little way away from Tarifa. This craft does not have a bar service, so bring you own cold drinks. 


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