Torremolinos - Famous faces in the 1980's


by Tony Bryant


During the early 1980s, well-known American sculptor, Bayard Osborne, famed for his Bronze Nudes statues, lived briefly at the Villa La Loma, in Calle Ramos Puente in Torremolinos. Born in Manhattan in 1922, Osborne exhibited his work all over the world, and he could count King Juan Carlos I of Spain among his admirers. A long-time friend of Hispanicist Gerald Brennan, Osborne died in 2012, and he was one of the last direct links to the New York avant-garde scene of the 1950s.


One of Britain's most adored female impersonators, and certainly one of the highest paid entertainers of his era, Dani La Rue, once owned a luxurious apartment in the Alkaid complex in the Lomo de Los Riscos district of Torremolinos. A Steinbach grand piano, complete with crystal chandelier, took centre stage in the apartment, which he shared with his long-time lover.

When staying in the town, La Rue loved to visit the Bar Scandalz, previously situated in Calle Casa Blanca. The bar was owned by a choreographer and was known for its camp ambience, being particularly popular with the older gay community of the town.


One of today's most famous residents is José Losada, the celebrated flamenco dancer artistically known as El Carrete de Málaga. Dubbed the 'Gypsy Fred Astaire', José has performed on stages all over the world with just about every top name in the business, yet he prefers the tranquillity of the life in Torremolinos, where he has lived for more than fifty-years.


Probably the town's most famous sons are the pop band, Danza Invisible. The band, which was formed in Torremolinos in 1981, has kept close links with the town, even though they are now based in Madrid. The band was pioneers of the La Movida Madrileña, a countercultural movement that emerged during the early years of the transition from the Franco era.  Today there is a street named after the band in the centre of Torremolinos.


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