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Buses from La Linea de la Concepción

The La Linea bus station is located in the centre of the town about one block from the border with Gibraltar.

La Linea bus station opened in 1986 is only about five minutes walk from the Gibraltar border. It a pretty run down and abandoned looking place with most of the shops closed down.


There is a Comes ticket office (open Monday and Tuesday 06.45 to 08.30 and 10.00 to 20.00, Wednesday to Sunday and holidays 10.00 to 11.30 and 14.00 to 20.00).

There are vending machines and six cabin size left luggage lockers and toilets. There may be a taxi waiting, if not walk to the Gibraltar border for one. Cafe Eclen is located just over the road outside the main entrance, a quiet location for drinks, snacks.


The main bus routes are urban bus, San Roque and Algeciras (M-130), Algeciras direct (M-120), Estepona (M-240) and long distance to Seville (07.30, 11.30, 15.30, 16.00 hrs) and Cadiz (07.00, 20.00 hrs) both via Tarifa and Costa de la Luz. Several bus a day to Malaga ( 08.50, 10.30, 16.30 hrs) One service a day to Madrid at 21.30, Barcelona at 19.00, Cordoba at 16.30



For routes to Bedalmadena, Cordoba, Estepona, Fuengirola, Granada, Malaga, Marbella, San Pedro, San Roque, Torremolinos
For Routes to Cadiz, San Fernando, Chiclana, Conil, Vejer, Tarifa
For Routes to Sevilla, Jerez, Puerto de Santa Maria, Puerto Real, Chiclana, Conil, Vejer, Tarifa
For Routes to Almoraima, Castellar, Jimena, San Pablo, Gaucin. Benarraba, Algatocin
For Routes to For routes within the metropolitan area of Bahia de Algeciras; Algeciras, La Linea, San Roque, Los Barrios
For the three local urban bus routes in La Linea
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Alsa operate two or three bus a day from Algeciras to Barcelona. Departing Algeciras at 10.15, 18.45 and 22.30 hrs and departing Barcelona at 12.00 and 18.00 hrs. It is an 18 hour journey! Here is a typical schedule departing Algeciras 22.30 hrs, La Linea (one bus only) Estepona 23.45 hrs (one bus only), Marbella 00.05 hrs, Fuengirola (one bus only), Malaga 01.30 hrs, Granada 03.30 hrs, Guadix 04.15h, Velez-Rubio 05.30 hrs, Puerto Lumbreras 05.45 hrs, Lorca 06.10 hrs, Murcia 07.15 hrs, Elche 08.20 hrs, Alicante 08.50 hrs, Benidorm 09.40 hrs, Denia 10.50 hrs, Gandia 11.05 hrs, Valencia 12.30 hrs, Castellon 13.30 hrs, Tarragona 6.30 hrs, Villafrance de Pinedes 17.15hrs, Barcelona (Norte) 18.00hrs.

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Daibus operates a three bus a day from Algeciras to Madrid. Departing Algeciras at 11.30, 21.00, 22.00 hrs and departing Madrid at 11.00, 21.00, 22.00 hrs. There are additional services in the summer. Here is a typical schedule departing Algeciras 21.00 hrs, La Linea (one bus only) 21.30 hrs, Estepona (one bus only) 22.10 hrs, Marbella 22.40 hrs, Fuengirola (one bus only) 23.05, Toremolinos 23.20 hrs, Malaga 23.40, Madrid 05.55 hrs.

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