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Driving in Andalucia

Driving in Andalucia is very similar to driving in other European countries, but there are numerous differences – often quite subtle – so it pays to take the time to be sure understand the rules in Spain before heading out onto the roads.

Spain has one of the highest accident rates in Europe and traffic authorities are working hand in hand with legislators to improve the situation. As a result leniency for traffic rule violators on Spanish roads is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Spanish drivers carry a license that is based on a point system that subtracts points based on infractions committed and can result in a loss of license and a return to driving school. Permanent residents can obtain a Spanish point-based driving license from their local Jefatura de Tráfico offices.

In addition, many Spanish motorways have been outfitted with radar cameras that turn in photos of speed limit violators who then receive their fines by mail, and Guardia Civil vehicles are also equipped with computers to input car number plates for instant information regarding a vehicle’s insurance status.

Tourists and non-residents driving in Spain should be aware that if they are stopped by police or Guardia Civil and given a fine for breaking the rules of the road, they will be required to pay a fine before continuing on their journey. In theory it is posible to later contest this imposition, via courts system, and if successful obtain a refund.  



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