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It is no exaggeration to say that the AVE (Tren de Alta Velocidad Española), which started in 1992 in time for Seville's Expo, changed the face of Andalucia. Suddenly, you could get to Madrid from Seville in two hours 20 minutes, without either having schlep out to the airport, or sit on an ordinary train for between six and nine hours. The services, which run on special standard gauge lines, are frequent and reliable, famously offering a refund if your train is more than five minutes later than its scheduled arrival time on the Seville - Madrid route. (On other AVA routes it is 50% for 15min delay and full refund for half hour delay.) For information on AVE Train Sets, click here.




It is advisable to buy tickets in advance. This can be done on the RENFE website or by an online agent whose website is fully operational in English. have partnered with ACP Rail for online RENFE tickets and reservations.  You can also order tickets by phone, at the station itself, or at a RENFE appointed high street travel agent for a small commission.

You can buy your ticket up to 60 days before your travel date. In the first two cases, you are either given a booking reference, which you then use to print out the tickets themselves from a machine at the main station, or you can print them out at home.

If you're travelling at the weekend or on a holiday or puente (long weekend), it is even more important to buy your ticket beforehand as the station may well be extremely busy, and seats may sell out.

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General info

Three classes are available, Club, Preferente and Turista. If you're travelling at a busy time on a crowded train and your journey is a long one or you want the space to work, it might be worth paying the extra for more space and comfort. Preferente class is less expensive at weekend. Meals are included with club and preferente. Weekdays there is a trolly cafe servise to all seats, at weekends snacks are server only from the bar. Free car parking (24hrs single tickets and 48hrs return tickets) at your departure point for club and preferente . In all classes you get headphones for the audio/video service. There is a quiet coach on the train where mobile phone amd electronic games are not allowed. Small pets under 10km may travel in a special carrying case. Bicycles must ne demounted and be inside a case as with ski or gold equiptment.  

AVE - High Speed Train Routes
AVE - High Speed Train Routes

AVE routes in Andalucia

  • Madrid to Cordoba from 1 hr 40 min, every 30-60 minutes
  • Madrid to Seville from 2 hrs 20 min, every 60 minutes, stops at Ciudad Real, Puertollano and Cordoba
  • Madrid to Málaga from 2 hrs 30 min, every 60-120 mins, stops at Cordoba, Antequera and Puente Genil
  • Barcelona to Málaga 
    from 5 hrs 40 min, two services daily, stops at Tarragona, Zaragoza, Cordoba, Puente Genil and Antequera.
  • Barcelona to Seville
    from 5 hrs 25 min, two services daily, stops at Tarragona, Lleida, Zaragoza, Ciudad Real, Puertollano and Cordoba.
  • Valencia to Sevilla  
    from 3hr 50 min, two services daily, stops at Córdoba, Puertollano, Ciudad Real and Cuenca.
  • Seville to Málaga
    from 1hr 55 min, nine AVANT services daily, stops at Puente Genil and Antequera.

AVE Stations in Andalucia 

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