Trains - High-speed long-distance trains

By Fiona Flores Watson


AVE - High Speed Train Routes
AVE - High Speed Train Routes



Time: 1hr 40 mins
Frequency: every 30-60 mins
Stops: Ciudad Real, Puertollano.


For those looking for a fast, easy journey to Andalucia from Madrid, ideal for a day out, you can get to Cordoba in just one hour and 40 minutes, with frequent services to give you greater flexibility.

The train passes through the plains of Castilla la Mancha and the Montes de Toledo, stopping at Puertollano and Ciudad Real. Look out for the castles of Guadalerzas, just after Los Yerbenes (between Toledo and Ciudad Real), and Herrera, between Ciudad Real and Puertollano, the next stop which is situated in an isolated industrial landscape.

The AVE route then crosses into Andalucia and the Sierra Morena , near the village of Villanueva de Cordoba, passing through various mountain tunnels, where the train slows town to 200km/h (normally 280km/h). After this, the train heads south to the city of Cordoba stopping at the railway station to the north west of the city centre.