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AVE - High Speed Train Routes
AVE - High Speed Train Routes



This journey takes from 3hr 50 min, with two services daily. The train stops at Córdoba, Puertollano, Ciudad Real. Toledo and Cuenca.

The high-speed train line leaves Seville and heads north-east, following the course of the river Guadalquivir, before its first stop in the ancient city of Cordoba, capital of the Caliphate in Moorish times.

This new AVE line then turns north, crossing the Sierra Morena after the village of Villanueva de Cordoba, where it passes through various mountain tunnels. On this section of the journey, the AVE slows down considerably, to 200km/h (normally 300km/h), to negotiate the sharp bends.

When you emerge on the other side of the mountains, the train has left Andalucia and is now in Castilla la Mancha. After the next stop, Puertollano, look out for Herrera castle on the short stretch between Puertollano and Ciudad Real.

After Ciudad Real, the train goes east towards the coast, stopping at Cuenca - the last stop before arriving at Valencia.