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This forum's purpose is to provide information about Andalucia to help tourists enjoy the region and foreign residents settle and integrate into the local and international culture.

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Relevance to Andalucia: Keeping to the forums purpose we prefer posts to be relevant to Andalucia. We accept posts that also relate to other parts of Spain particularly in the Travel and Tourism section, and accept posts about issues generally affecting 'expatriates' living abroad. We discourage posts without any relevance to Andalucia (except in the Amigos Lounge). We generally discourage posts about world events, member’s home country events, politics or television programmes. Although we allow a margin of leeway in the General section and Amigos lounge.

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Whilst we do have a sense of humour and see no harm in a light hearted comment that strictly speaking is not relevant to Andalucia there is a tendency for this to divert an otherwise useful post. Not wanting to make future research more difficult we may well consider this section of a thread to have become non compliant.

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