Housing association: how to call an extraordinary general assembly

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Housing association: how to call an extraordinary general assembly

Postby ragnar » Fri Jun 14, 2024 3:33 pm

Hello everybody.
I was given the involuntary "honour" of becoming the new El Presidente in our housing association. I have learnt that our administrator is not necessarily looking after the interests, so I would like to call a extraordinary general assembly and have a vote on whether to keep the administrator or not.

I want to do everything by the book, so I have googled my way to English translations of the Spanish horizontal property law which states that:
  1. all invitations sent to each owner must be on real paper, but email is allowed if the owner lives outside of Spain
  2. the meeting should be called as early as possible
Is there anything else I should keep in mind with regards to the invitation?

Also, how many votes have to attend the assembly to have decisive power; and is a simple majority enough to change the administrator?
For example, what if only 30% of the owners show up, but out of those 51% vote to change administrator.

I am not an native English speaker, as you can guess from my handle, but I try my best.

Great weekend to you all.

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