Moving back to UK sourcing Mortgage

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Moving back to UK sourcing Mortgage

Postby marios » Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:30 am

I have just had a ridiculous conversation with Ipswich Bld society on application of ExPat mortgage back in uk, I have been informed by a few mortgage lending Co's that we need to be in UK for a set amount of time before they will offer a later life Mortgage so was informed ExPat mortgage would be the way to go although I have not talked to many other providers.

On going through the phone assessment with them the lady she asked me where we would be getting the down payment on the house in UK to which we said from the sale of our property here in Spain to which she said in that case we would not be able to give you a mortgage, the LTV for the mortgage would only be about 32%, I find this unbelievable, where did she think we would get the down payment from, I am gobsmacked.Any one else had these issues when moving back to UK.

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