Be Careful with Hits Mobile

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Be Careful with Hits Mobile

Postby AkoAko » Sun Mar 14, 2021 8:22 pm

Heads up anyone using HITS mobile , they have been taken over and ever since there's been so many changing their provider or complaining about credit disappearing and other related issues .

We have just emailed them ourselves . Logged onto our account on the website and because of another old issue i now take screenshots of both accounts each month . The one account had a screenshot on Feb 1st showing 18.13 balance then another March 6th showing 17.95 balance , usage shown between those two dates was only 2 x SMS messages which cost 9c each so thats correct , if it were not for the fact we topped up our phones on March 1st and have the SMS from HITS to show for it , even Hits website under top ups shows it correctly so there's no question we didn't top them up , they just haven't credited our account with it . Sent HITS screenshots of everything so theres no doubt and waiting to see what their explanation is .

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