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Postby Solysombra » Fri Jun 02, 2006 6:47 pm

Anyone know anything about a proposed extension to the railway from Mãlaga, a friend tells me that he heard somewhere that the authorities are considering taking it beyond Fuengirola, possibly as far as Marbella or is it just rumour?

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Postby ian.wilson » Fri Jun 02, 2006 6:56 pm

Unfortunately this rummour has been around for about 20 years. It was certainly talked about in the early eighties when I was at school.
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Postby katy » Fri Jun 02, 2006 7:04 pm

Not a rumour this time, right now they are doing drilling tests just past the arch on the eastern entrance. It is intended that the line will run under marbella and there will be various stations including one at las chapas.


Postby Solysombra » Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:08 pm

Excellent, I have stayed many times in Elviria and plan to do so again this summer!


Postby Solysombra » Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:18 pm

Re my renfe posting, just read a few moments ago in Sur online that this project has actually started, the taxi drivers will love this :roll:

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Postby safeashouses » Sat Jun 03, 2006 1:06 am

Taken from Sur in English and copied from another forum.


Plans for the Rincón to San Pedro train put out to tender
Manuel Becerra

The underground railway in the city of Malaga, the Ave high-speed train links from Malaga to Cordoba and Seville and the introduction of a sole ticket for the city and surrounding area are not the only items on the public transport agenda. Last Monday the plans for the first stretches of the so-called “seashore train”, with a length of 43.6 kilometres, were put out to tender.

The stretches in question run from El Palo, in the city of Malaga, the end of the future number three metro line, to Rincón de la Victoria and from Fuengirola to San Pedro Alcántara. The former section will measure seven kilometres in length and the latter 36.6. It is expected that the plans will cost around 11 million euros; 5.8 million of this sum have been set aside in the budget of the Andalusian Government for 2005. It is a large sum but insignificant compared to the estimated cost of actually building these two stretches: 1,412 million euros.

The head of Public Works at the Andalusian Government, Concepción Gutiérrez, said at a press conference in Malaga last week that, after these two sections of line, the following ones to be put out to tender would be the Rincón to Nerja stretch and the San Pedro to Estepona one. Last month the coastal railway line received a huge boost from the central Government, which will guarantee that it is extended in the future to Motril, to the east, and Algeciras, to the west, under the Ministry of Development’s Strategic Plan for Infrastructure and Transport.

The main characteristic of the new line is that a very large proportion of it will run underground. This applies to the seven kilometres from El Palo to Rincón de la Victoria and 98 per cent of the stretch from Fuengirola (the end of the line of the current coastal railway) to San Pedro.

Twelve stations are planned on these two stretches: two on the eastern side, at La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria, and the rest on the line from Fuengirola to San Pedro. Among them will be stops at Mijas (near the race course), La Cala de Mijas (near the A-7 road, the old N-340), Calahonda, Las Dunas de Artola (the sand dunes at Cabopino), Los Monteros, the centre of Marbella, the western part of the town and Puerto Banús. Among the sections of line which run above the surface will be the one from Las Dunas de Artola to Los Monteros and the station in Mijas.

The regional head of Public Works pointed out that “the philosophy on the Costa del Sol should not be to encourage the real estate sector, as that encourages itself, but to foment infrastructure in the area, which has an official population of 300,000 and an actual one of 700,000, expected to rise to 1.7 million by the year 2015”.

The railway line from Nerja to Estepona (96 kilometres in all, with a journey time of an hour and a half) will be the most expensive piece of work carried out by the Andalusian Government as the total budget is 2,400 million euros. The double-track line will be able to accommodate every type of train, including the AVE high speed locomotive. The average velocity for local trains will be 84 kph and for higher speed ones 141 kph.

The deadline for offers for the plans is March and the period of time established for drawing them up in detail 15 months. Thus construction work itself would be put out to tender in 2006 and start in 2007.

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Postby sherlock holmes » Sat Jun 03, 2006 9:11 am

Thus construction work itself would be put out to tender in 2006 and start in 2007.

does anyone know where to look at the plans online, just curious where it's going as the whole of the coast from Malaga to Estepona is built up? Will there be complusory purchase of land and property to facilitate the building?

Or will it be like Ian says just another 20 years in the planning ;-(

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