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Forum updates

Postby andalucia » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:36 pm

Following the upgrade of the forum software, we have made some further updates.

The Amigos lounge is now open to all forum members, but contents not visible to non member forum visitors. The 25 post threshold was proving to complicated to manage.
The Gurus Den has been closed and removed.
The press release section has been changed to -Events- where all members are encouraged to post notice of events that they think will be of interest to forum members. It is suggested to use event name, location and date in the thread title. Naturally the -advertising- restriction in house rules of the forum does not apply to this section. Event organisers that send event information to website will also be encouraged to post in this section.
An advertisement box has been added at the end of the forum posts on a page.
The facility to Upload photos has been added for a trial period. This can be done via an "Attachment" tab below the post creation box. There is a maximum file size of photo set to 400kB. Please do no upload photos of widths greater than 800 pixels. We are interested in you comments on this facility and will check if it slows loading of the pages or if the larger bandwidth becomes a problem for mobile users.

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