Bristol Airport Security

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Re: Bristol Airport Security

Postby Lavanda » Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:57 pm

You are all pretty lucky. My options are Madrid, Lisbon or Seville going to the UK and only Madrid goes to Bristol and there's one flight a day. I get in around 22.30 GMT and stay the night in a hotel, then drive to my parents the following morning. Coming back the flight gets to Madrid around 20.30 GMT+1 and so it's another hotel as there is no onward transport at that time of night other than a car. Door-to-door it takes roughly 24 hours to do the trip. Well, at least there is a plane, I suppose. I did do Málaga to Exeter once but it took me an hour to get to Mérida, then a four hour train to Seville (through the Sierra Morena mountains in case you are wondering) plus the two hours on another train to get to Málaga. Not a lot better in my opinion. I know what you are all going to post, "Well, you will live West of Asia". True!

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Re: Bristol Airport Security

Postby Free at Last » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:16 pm

I must admit, proximity to an airport with a reasonable choice of flights was high on our wishlist when choosing a location to live in Spain. Even if we want to go to Madrid to take a long haul flight, as we did in January, the journey of 2hrs 45 by AVE isn't too bad. We took a midday train, stayed over one night in Madrid and caught the international flight mid afternoon the next day. It broke up the journey and meant we weren't extending what was already a 13 hour flight (in two legs). On the way back our flight landed in Madrid at 7.30 am so there was plenty of time to take the AVE back to Málaga and not get home too late.

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