Britanny Ferries - pet cabins

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Britanny Ferries - pet cabins

Postby Miro » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:26 pm

I said on another thread recently, "for anyone considering traveling with a pet and booking a pet friendly cabin, on the Spain-UK routes they are booked up well past July already. We've provisionally booked a crossing from Le Havre for June; a deposit of £35 has been charged, but the balance is only due 6 weeks before departure - up until then, we can cancel with only loss of the deposit."

Just on the off chance, I checked today (using their online chat facility, which is so much easier than checking all dates / sailings / options yourself) and they had one pet cabin available in June. I was able to transfer my existing booking to this sailing. Presumably they had a cancellation, so it's worth checking.
The original booking from Le Havre was costing £228, the new one from Bilbao £382. I think it's worth it in the saving on fuel, tolls and hotels, and also less time stuck in the car for moggie. :thumbup:
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