Torremolinos & the paseo maritimo mystery

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Torremolinos & the paseo maritimo mystery

Postby biribiri » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:59 pm

We visit Torremolinos around once a month for lunch and a walk along the seafront. We have noticed on our last few visits that finding a free parking spot on the paseo maritimo is becoming almost impossible.
I could understand it if we visited on a weekend during high season, but today for example we drove down to the roundabout where the sculpture of the two women running to the sea is, turned right and every space between there and the "turnaround" at the Carihuela end was occupied.
The beach was almost deserted, there were very few people around. So who do all these cars belong to? Has parking in town got so bad that people are leaving their cars down there and then walking to work/home?
Up until this last 6 months or so there were always plenty of free spaces during the week so can anyone who lives there throw any light on this great mystery? :wtf: :think: :)

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