Driving from Seville airport to Torrox - advice please :)

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Re: Driving from Seville airport to Torrox - advice please :)

Postby wollie » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:24 pm

ChrisWales wrote:Hi Wollie, sorry, I'm not ignoring your advice at all so please don't be annoyed - I will have my family with me late at night and navigating a route I don't know (whilst stressed and nervous!) will be difficult. I've become too reliant on Google Maps obviously...
You are ok i am not annoyed at all. All i am saying is you either fallow the route that Enrique and i gave you or just fallow sat-nav.
I have travelled this route quite a few times and got lost many times as i generally do not use maps except i am lost or i am doing one off trip.
I know it is stressful but you be fine. I would advise to use the route both Enrique and i gave you as driving into Sevilla at night tricky.

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