Museo Gordon,Salar,Granada Province.

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Re: Museo de Gordon,Salar,Granada Province.

Postby BENIDORM » Sat Sep 09, 2023 11:38 am

Last week Museo de Gordon had a nice write up in the Sur in English newspaper, every little helps, as they say.

The Museum is now open to the public by appointment only , most days and times are possible, just send a whats'app message on tel.650 359 557, please allow a minimum of one hour before your visit, and if travelling any distance please contact a few days before.

I've had to adopt the appointment only opening after realising that sometimes I find it difficult to manage on my own.
The other day I'd just finished cleaning when the museum bell rang, I expected to see the postman or a neighbour, but No ......over 40 Spanish ladies ,all staring at me....yikes I thought, but said , come in please, as if I was expecting them.. :shock:
Just as well I was a boy scout in my youth.. :D
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