Join me for a little Adventure in Time Travel

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Join me for a little Adventure in Time Travel

Postby BENIDORM » Sun Aug 13, 2023 5:02 pm

I write little different topics and stories each week for our local Facebook page.
Earlier this week I wrote a short story for my time travel adventures and have been overwhelmed with private messages from all over the world, so many people feeling a little homesick or with memories of family in my village and other similar places.
I write from my heart and soul and if I can make someone smile or have a happy memory ,then I'm pleased.

Time Travel in Salar...
Walking the streets of Salar at dawn or dusk I see ancient shadows on most street corners and alleyways.
Is it the breeze making that faint noise or is it the shadows of history whispering to me ?
I would like to take you on a short journey back in time,close your eyes and breath deeply.

The year is 1920, more than one hundred years ago.
It's mid morning in the summer and already quite warm.
We are strolling down a narrow street near the church, children are playing and they laugh as they enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
And as we pass a small cottage a young girl emerges, she's probably eight years of age and her long hair is still damp after being lovingly washed and brushed by her mother.
She's wearing a new dress, pale yellow with a faint floral pattern and little Maria loves it, but although it's new to her, it was previously worn by two elder sisters and before that by the neighbours daughter.
But it doesn't matter to Maria or anyone else.
Life was so difficult at this time and everyone was very poor, but friendship and compassion was abundant and the villagers made the most of what they had.
Little Maria had three older sisters, all named Maria, and when their Mother shouted Maria from the door they all knew instinctively which Maria she was calling.

We walk on slowly down the street and now a small black and white dog has joined us.
He doesn't have a name and belongs to no one but belongs to everyone and each house saves a little scrap of food to help him, what caring and thoughtful people.

Now I can hear a clattering of hooves on the cobbled streets and Carlos the man with 10 goats walks slowly along with his donkey.
He walks around the village every day selling his goats cheese, most houses buy a small piece from him,a little luxury for each family.
He stops outside the house where Dolores and her one-legged husband and seven children live.
Life has dealt Dolores one bad blow after another but she keeps on going, doing the best she can for everyone.
Carlos passes her a piece of cheese wrapped in paper, inside he has placed a single one peseta coin, it's the best he can do, and Dolores always asks if she can pay him next week.
She has no money to pay, but Carlos, like so many people in this little village, has a very warm heart.

And now we must return to the present, thank you for accompanying me on my little time travel adventure.
Take Care,
Gordon the Time Traveller.

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Re: Join me for a little Adventure in Time Travel

Postby BENIDORM » Wed Aug 16, 2023 11:30 am

I've been asked by numerous people how I am able to be so accurate with my descriptions of life many years ago in Spain, did I read about it somewhere asked some, answer no.
I base my stories on observations and memories gathered over many years and I don't research the topic ,just write from my heart.
The story related here is actually drawn from my own experiences ,such as my journey from Gibraltar to Lisbon in 1965, I walked alone and stopped and stayed in numerous little villages/hamlets on the way, and I doubt that the people and their way of life had changed very little in the previous 50 years, certainly they were very poor ,but so generous with sharing the little they had.
It was of course during the Franco rule and life was very different in Spain at this time, hardly seeing cars for instance,very few phones available, but all of the village folk I met were very caring and compassionate.
Gordon...Local historian..amongst other things...

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