Tarjeta Sanitaria Question

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Tarjeta Sanitaria Question

Postby fincalospinos » Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:08 am

For the last 10 years I have been paying Autonomo as a self employed person, which gives both me and my wife cover in the Spanish Health System.

My wife has now become a pensioner and we received the S1 forms from the UK to register for the health service in Spain as Pensioners.

This morning I took the S1 forms to the INSS in Velez, and they processed my wifes form but would not process mine as I was paying Autonomo. They said that I would need to stop paying my Autonomo before I could register the S1.

My question is, is there a time limit between stopping payment of Autonomo and being denied access to the Health service, and has anyone else experienced this situation ?
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Re: Tarjeta Sanitaria Question

Postby ian.wilson » Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:59 am

From my experieince it´s normally about 2 years before any action is taken on your tarjeta sanataria ie. stopping your card from working so you have to go into a main ambulotorio and see the staff before you can see a doctor in person. They can then activate the card anyway (even with non-payment of social - European Citizen stuff - You should never ever be refused access to a doctor) but as sin assistencia (meaning they will only see you in say Andalucia if that is where you live). I have lived here all of my life and don´t know anyone from a european country that has been refused treatment.
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