What is the answer???

Do you have a query on how to get things done in Andalucia, where to find things, who to call? Find out by posting and hear about others experiences.
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Re: What is the answer???

Postby Free at Last » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:31 pm

peteroldracer wrote:
markwilding wrote: Many Andalucians do join the Police..
Two points: firstly, you do not live in Andalucia, and are frequently at pains to go on about things not applying to "all of Spain". This is an Andalucia forum.
Secondly, as far as I understand it only Spanish citizens may join the police and armed forces, thus ruling out virtually all ex-pat residents.
I think Mark Wilding's view is more accurate than saying most Andalucians never leave their village. Very many of my neighbours have come back to live in Velez after having moved overseas to find work either in their younger days if they are now retired, or because their parents did so if they are nearer my age. The elderly couple we bought our house from had lived and worked in France for many years. An old chap across the street worked in Germany for years, and a Spanish friend of mine who lives nearby came back here from Switzerland 3 years ago, she moved there with her parents when she was 10. Others have come back to Andalucia after they or their parents went to other parts of Spain to work, Barcelona, Madrid, etc.

My Spanish teacher, a young woman in her early '30s, has a sister living in Amsterdam. The young man I did an intercambio with for 6 months was learning English not for work (he had a thriving carpentry business) but because he liked to travel abroad for holidays, to the USA especially.

If you take the trouble to speak to people and ask about their lives, instead of making assumptions, you might be surprised at the life experience many people here have had.

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Re: What is the answer???

Postby knowal » Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:02 pm

Lavanda wrote:Slightly off-topic but has anyone noticed how the extremely hot weather is making it quite hard to keep calm?
Good one, Lavanda! :thumbup: :lol:

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Re: What is the answer???

Postby bunty » Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:21 pm

debbie2525, It is sad and frustrating the situation of the young in Spain today.This is a topic which makes me very sad.As a mother I have seen my three eldest move to the U.K. as soon as they finished university,though one did move on to Germany.My fourth didn't want to move away as she had her partner here.Although she has a Ph.D in chemical engineering there were no permanent jobs in this area,so she has ended up as a local policewoman..(she wasn't born here)
My youngest after finishing her first degree only found low paid jobs.She is now finishing another degree.Somehow I don't think that she will have much opportunity in Spain to find a "decent" job.At times I think that it is a waste of time studying a career in Spain.Still, who knows what is best for your child.. As parents we all do the best we can for our kids and just hope they have happy lives.
Anyway, debbie, don't worry too much. He is still young and I am sure he will find his way even if it takes time.

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