Selling a country house.

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Selling a country house.

Postby TerryC » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:02 pm

We finally have a couple truly interested in buying our house. Our estate agent is working hard to achieve a successful outcome. But what a nightmare. The couple need a mortgage. A valuer was sent to the house but he now needs a certificate which we do not have, so our lawyer is approaching the town hall to find out how much and when. We also need the dreaded AFO, so need a new septic tank to replace the pozo negro that has worked perfectly well for the last 25 years. To replace the tank we need an architect, a project, etc, et, again through the town hall. It all costs time and lots of money, money for the town hall, jobs for the boys springs to mind. We thought when we had a technical architect come to our house 2 years a go and submitted a report so that our escritura and Nota Simpla match that would be it.

Oh for a cash buyer who is not interested in an AFO

I just hope that the Junta de Andalucia or the town hall do not invent something else, to prevent a sale, before this process is completed, approximately 6 months so we are told.

Just when you thought you were totaqlly legal.

Red tape in Spain has become an expensive nightmare, I will be glad to leave the country.

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Re: Selling a country house.

Postby chrissiehope » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:41 pm

We had someone interested in buying our casa de campo. They were getting a mortgage in UK, but when their bank saw the Catastro docs, they threw a wobbly over the 'track' dividing our 2 plots, saying it would be turned into a road ya da ya da. Frustratingly, the track no longer exists, as shown on Google earth, evidence of which was sent to UK, but no joy. Mind you, the estate agent said he felt the buyers were looking for a way out....
Still no buyer :-(
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Re: Selling a country house.

Postby Devils Advocate » Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:09 pm

Terry, we are in the middle of exactly the same, a total nightmare. Not only are we being conned in to parting with thousands for red tape rip offs but also have had to face contracts being changed at the point of signing them by the buyers lawyer. We've a lovely house in superb settings we'll be sad to let go but are not desperate sellers in any way shape or form and are close to the point of saying enough is enough and enjoying it for a few years more if this behaviour continues. Jeez we were told that we needed to pay thousands for an architect to measure our land, by the firm who did the initial purchase of it. When reminded of this fact all was ok....funny that.

It is as though the system is geared to make sure you leave the shackles of Spain with what Jim Bowen used to say "Bus fare home" lol

Just now dreading if we do push on and complete how much Unicaja will want to get their mucky little hands on and how difficult it will be to get the funds back to the lovely little bank in green and luscious Lancashire hahaha.

I think the people buying are very decent and very genuine, and don't need a mortgage but the attitude and behaviour of the legal establishment is in danger of souring things for us through no fault of buyer and seller.

I think it hurts the Mrs. more as she's a lawyer in the UK and although not conversant with Spanish law can spot a try on or an altered contract from a mile.
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