Water leaks - Insurance pays excess water used

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Water leaks - Insurance pays excess water used

Postby fyfin » Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:55 pm

Like many others we had a water in our garden and discovered when we contacted Ocaso that we were not covered, only for leaks inside the house. So we looked around and got a recommendation for Liberty Seguros, who, not only cover you for detection and repair but also up to €1,000 of excess water usage. There is a €90 excess to pay but depending on the leak and how much water is lost it's a good deal.
The problem for us is that it is obvious the pipework is not good and so when a patch (metal clamp) is applied the leak stops and a few months later another one appears and again the insurance company pays and a repair is carried out as before.
The last time it happened was August this year and the time before was Nov 2022. Our normal water bill for 2 months is around €35 but the one last year was €190 so they paid around €150 for excess water used. So far so good.
The water bill this time was spread over 2 periods so total of €194 so I expected to be offered around €124 but instead they offered only €70.

I supplied lots of bills showing that the average was around €35 but surprisingly they asked for the Nov 22 bill of €190 which they had already settled a claim for and then used that to calculate normal usage!!!
I couldn't believe they could be so stupid and finally managed to get the agent to understand how ludicrous this was. I'm now waiting to see if Liberty Seguros can understand the stupidity as well, but I'm not holding my breath.
Galasa, the water company here, are no better when it comes to fixing leaks. They constantly dig up around the same part of the street and put a clamp and 2 months later another one a few feet away.
We've now replaced all pipes coming from the meter to the house so hopefully no more leaks.
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