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Endesa X

Postby Trooperman » Thu Mar 14, 2024 11:28 am

Some way back, I elected to pay a fixed monthly amount to Endesa for my electricity to avoid the (significant) seasonal ups and downs of energy usage.

There has always appeared, on every monthly statement, an amount of 2.50 for "Proteccion Luz 360" which i assumed was some kind of insurance against the failure of equipment - but that was only my assumption. It is administered by a different company from the electricity supply and if you want to investigate further, you are directed to another web site which does a great job in avoiding telling you what you are paying for. It also fails to explain how to avoid this charge and change the contract.

Does anyone know what the charge is for?

Does anyone know how to avoid this payment, whatever it's for!
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Re: Endesa X

Postby El Cid » Thu Mar 14, 2024 12:39 pm

A simple Google search for Protecion Luz 360 gives you all the details on the Endesa site. It looks like a reasonable deal to me.

https://www.endesa.com/es/otros-product ... on-luz-360


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