Healthcare entitlement for child born in Spain

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Healthcare entitlement for child born in Spain

Postby karandjon » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:19 pm

I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. 2 people i know are having trouble with the healthcare for their little ones.

One has private health insurance for her and her husband, but because their child was born here in Spain, she was under the impression that she was entitled to free healthcare until the child is 18. she has a green medical card for her. However, the local centro de salud says she has been taken off the system now as the mother and father arent registered there. Is this right? They say there is no entitlement unless either the mother or father is entitled, too.

the other one is separated and lives on her own with 2 children. Her children have also been taken off the computer at their local helath centre also, along with herself, as her husband has left her and is no longer paying into the system. She doesnt pay into the system, doesnt claim anything, and only has the money her parents and ex-husband sends her each month, to live on. She doesnt work, having the 2 little ones at home. Should the children still be entitled to the healthcare? should she?

any info for them would be appreciated.

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