Continuing health care

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Continuing health care

Postby morlandg » Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:34 am

I have a dilemma. My wife and I are moving very soon from andalucia to mallorca. We are both in the spanish health care system and have long term medical situations eg treatment for diabetes and hypertension. That is no problem. But the real problem is that we both have ongoing short-term medical situations that will require surgical intervention. My wife is waiting to have a serious back operation and I'm still battling with retinal detachment treatment. Our rental contract over here expires at the end of this month. Does anyone know or can suggest how we can seamlessly transfer our health care from andalucia to mallorca? My wife's concern is that she has battled for many years now to have her request for surgery accepted and worries that once she informs the authorities here of our move to mallorca then they will simply close her case and she'll have to start all over again in mallorca. She is currently on morphine treatment for her pain so she really needs the surgery asap. Is there an easy way to transfer our care??

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