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Postby Pamela1 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:48 pm

Many years ago i can recall walking into a pharmacy in Spain with my young son who wasn't well and after a short consultation with the pharmacist he handed me a bottle of Amoxicillin, that was my first experience of over the counter antibiotics in Spain...Since then i know things have moved on and as far as i am aware antibiotics can only be issued with a prescription from a doctor....or so i thought...Around 3 years ago i was given a small bottle of eye drops during a visit to a Faramcia...after trying other medicines in the Uk over quite a number of months i was finally glad to have something which seemed to be working...My DIL told me they were antibiotic eye drops...Since that time i have renewed the eye drops on two different occasions because of the sell by date, i wanted to keep a bottle for back up...This summer i went into a different Farmacia and they told me i would need a doctors prescription...Off i went to another Farmacia and they handed the product over, no problem...Not that i'm complaining but why will one farmacia just hand out an antibiotic medication while another insists on a prescription? What exactly are the laws and rules..

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