Memories are Made of This...

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Memories are Made of This...

Postby BENIDORM » Sun Mar 20, 2022 12:01 pm

I was thinking about another thread were we discussed how we all seem to enjoy simple foods.... ( a memory ).

It might just seem to be a passing fancy but I believe it goes much deeper than that.

Many comments start with ' I remember when I was a child we ate bread and dripping.etc.' ...and that of course is a memory, a pleasant memory but of course not all memories are nice there are good and bad memories, however in my opinion, they play a big part in our physiological well-being.
Taking the example of 'bread and dripping' , for instance I immediately think about my Grandparents, Mother and Father, warm and pleasant memories which generates a calm and homely feeling in me.
And it's not just about food ,also sounds and smells trigger my thoughts , for instance burning paint and the smell of oil immediately make me think of the TSMS Lakonia incident, a bad memory for me..
I suppose really that memories have played a big part in my idea of creating a museum,with many old memories some good some bad, for everyone, and I think that by visiting such places it could revive many pleasant thoughts and memories for everyone, and hopefully new memories about how and when you visited new and different places.

So am I just a sentimental old codger when I look at my family photographs and memories flood back and I feel warm and calm and sometimes emotional.?

I wonder if memories of food, smells and tastes etc. bring back to you good or bad thoughts, or are you the type of person who always just thinks of tomorrow..?

Happy Memories and Regards,
from Gordon.

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