Gastrobar las perlas

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Gastrobar las perlas

Postby deb » Sat Feb 23, 2013 7:26 pm

Had a drive out today to Torre and decided to go for lunch at a this restaurant that had come highly recommended. We were not real hungry so only wanted a snack. The waitress was so freindly, We orderd tuna melts and while we were waiting the waitress brought us a little taster to try, it was lovely. Our tuna melts arrived and they were very good, she then brought us a desert taster, i could of eaten another one. I think this is quite a new restaurant which is fine dining but really good value. Will def be back. The resturant is opposite the light house in Torre Del Mar. I so hope they do well, they really deserve to.

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Re: Gastrobar las perlas

Postby Marina » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:09 pm

I've heard some very good reviews about this place. Must give it a try!

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Re: Gastrobar las perlas

Postby Free at Last » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:26 am

I'm afraid we had a very disappointing experience at Las Perlas yesterday. When passing last week, we noticed they were offering a special menu for Semana Santa (4 courses, mineral water and coffee for €18 pp, drinks not included), and unusually for Spain there was a vegetarian option for each course for my veggie OH, so we made a reservation - having had a conversation with the waitress about the vegetarian issue.

We duly arrived, and on placing his order for the second course (described on the menu as chickpeas with seasonal vegetables), my OH was asked to choose something else as that wasn't available. He pointed out that he couldn't do that as there was no other suitable dish available, so the waitress suggested quiche - which just happened to be what the third course was! He declined, so she went to speak to the chef and came back and said yes, he could have the chickpeas after all.

An appetiser of slivers of quiche arrived (thankfully a different filling than the third course to come, although to be honest it could have been anything as had very little flavour). Then a second appetiser of cod brandade with a sobrasada emulsion was brought - I pointed out that my OH couldn't eat it as he is vegetarian, so I was asked to eat them both and a substitute of tiny fried green peppers was brought for him. Alarm bells were ringing by this stage.

The first course (goats cheese salad) was OK, then when the second course was served my OH's chickpea dish smelt strongly of fish. I said it must be from my monkfish dish, but he took one mouthful and had to spit it out into his napkin - it had pieces of bacalao in it and contained fish stock! He called the waitress over and checked what the dish contained, pointing out that he had made it clear he is vegetarian and had ordered a vegetarian meal. She was extremely apologetic, but the chef came out and was anything but, just saying it was a traditional dish. He obviously had no concept of vegetarianism at all. Eventually an alternative of pasta with a mushroom sauce was provided for him, although obviously it disrupted the meal as I had to sit and wait whilst it was prepared and eaten.

The third course of spinach and ricotta quiche arrived and it was exactly that, just a slice of quiche with a few spots of dressing. OH said it was completely tasteless and the vegetable and goats cheese quiche sold in Mercadona would have been better.

I can't even say the fish and fillet of beef dishes I had were anything special, and curiously of all the four dishes I ate, only the dessert matched the menu description. All the others were either missing some ingredient(s) listed or something had been substituted - for example, the fillet of beef was served with diced pumpkin on it which wasn't mentioned on the menu, but the listed slices of truffle were conspicuous by their absence. They make a big deal of the presentation, but I thought even that wasn't done well. They bring the plates out and dress them on the bar, and I saw a foam being added to my beef dish but it had completely melted into the sauce by the time it reached me, although it only had to travel about 3 paces.

They were more than fair when it came to the bill, and did not charge us for my OH's meal nor for 3 of the 5 glasses of wine we ordered between us (we didn't ask them to do this), but it still was not an enjoyable meal, and we won't be returning.

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